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Elixia Soho Phaze

Elixia Soho Phaze


Top drawer cosmic-tinged, timeless jazz funk from Elixia, ‘Soho Phaze / Soho Nights’, gets the remastered, reissue treatment on Record Shack.
‘Soho Phaze’ wasn’t going to be light on the effects was it? ‘Going heavy on the phaser’ would have been an understatement, but what could have sounded like an endlessly swirling soup of effects turned into a breathtaking, intergalactic, early ‘80s jazz funk dream.
On the flip ‘Soho Nights’ keeps the effects subdued letting the squelching synth lines, feverish stabs and pure funk bass do the strutting. Both sides still do the damage to this day, with DJs such as Nick The Record, Joey Negro, Mark Grusane, Medlar and Faze Action all regularly drawing for the mystique and mastery of this 12 inch. Big tip!

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