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Eddie Leader - There's A Time EP

Eddie Leader - There's A Time EP


A triumphant return for Eddie Leader and his proudly homegrown, fiercely independent imprint, Hudd Traxx. Revelling in the continuous cross pollination of dance music between the US & the UK, the label’s meticulously curated output, undeniably strong signings and creatively pertinent style has made it a go-to stable for house music lovers across the globe over its 15 year inception.

Eddie’s first solo offerings for the label for five years, following on from inspired and club-ready collaborations with Chez Damier, Tomson & the Classic label. Loosing none of the dancefloor functionality championed across its previous releases, Hudd 063 enlists the vocal talents of Alexander East on lead track – “Get You Alone” – a sparkly, buoyant and amorous mid-session track that drives deep through wupp’ing pads and a direct, kick-heavy beat. And while the seductively
lucid vocals of East attempt to coax you onto the mattresses, this beast refuses to leave the club, bucking hard right thru till the end. There’s a tasty ‘instrumental’ handily included in the digital package too, just in case Alexander’s vox gets you too hot under the collar…

“Respect” follows, leading with an elementary but nonetheless poignant vocal refrain. With a tuff, almost New Jersey energy to it, highly advanced kinetics power this bad boy forward; the well-tested system of vintage drum boxes working overtime alongside detuned keys, space-age synth swirls and a rugged, box busting bassline.

Nods to Peacefrog, Rick Wade and Glenn Underground adorn, “Drum March” – a track so shuffled to buggery you’ll be forgiven for falling over on first listen. Littered with expertly programmed shakers, woodblocks and swung snares whilst finely decorated with some exquisite lead lines and a complimenting patina of optimistic organ notes. The very essence of deep house musica –unostentatious & deeply grooving.

“There’s A Time” hovers between its solid bass and drum foundations via a taut and scintillating synth array as an evocative speech is mined from recent events. A unifying message wrapped up for the dancefloor when the whole world needs it most, it’s again characterized by an unbeatable grasp of rhythm utilizing gripping, Chicago-indebted drum sequencing.

Quite obviously crafted with a virtuosic yet humble hand; these rooted house cuts devoid of superfluity and languishing in pure body motion are exactly what the town crier will be ordering when the doors of our dancing establishments open once more. Feasts for the feet whilst consciously acknowledging the very corner stones of house music’s underground, embryonic beginnings. Top drawer tackle from start to finish.

  • Expected Release Date

    January 29, 2021

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