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Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Body Music

Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Body Music

SKU: ED029

Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee channel that summer sun into this soulful house, Balearic and disco laced four tracker on their own label, Editorial, complete with a slice of Cody Currie remix brilliance.
Kicking things off, Cody Currie takes to remixing ‘Spirit Power’ with those tantalizing Rhodes keys and skipping percussion laid behind a pensive female vocal. String laden, and deftly sampled Balearic beats then ease your mind via ‘Slo Fusion’.
On the flip, two sun-kissed disco cuts ‘Summer Love’ and ‘Aruban Nights’, the former a hazy warmup groover and the latter a mid-tempo flex, dripping in funk.

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