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Earth, Wind & Funk

Earth, Wind & Funk


After a short break Samosa Records explodes back on the scene with ‘Earth Wind & Funk’, a deadly four-tracker EP that is sure to get the juices flowing and body moving.
A1 sees New Zealander producer ‘Strange’ make a most welcome return, spinning the funk loom with the ‘Hard Working’ (De Gama Re-Drums). A truly addictive and distinctive bassline sets the pace, tone and feel for this gorgeously constructed track. It has it all; sumptuous vocal, high-end brass and an acid squelch to die for. Dig it, you will. 
A2 lands with Frank Virgilio’s ‘Love Is Positivity’ – a melting pot of twisted disco, feel-good scatty rhythm and lifting vocals. The melody is literally dripping with positivity, but also has an almost transcendental vibe secretly going on. The last drops of summer are right here. Enjoy them. 
On the B-side, Mosaik Kollektive raise the temperature with the De Gama Re-Drums applied ‘Keep’. A tough, perfectly cooked groove that gets right in your face and makes no apologies for screaming at you. The bass on this unstoppable monster is all-consuming. Rhythm guitar licks blend with soaring strings and that’s the full basket. Sublime meaty goodness. 
Closing matters for this incredible EP at B2 is the effervescent Monsieur Van Pratt and Funk De Ibiza. MVP stretches his funky legs to the full here, laying down a solid beat, arpeggio and a bass so tough you could train it to box. Expertly blended with J-pop-esque vocal and shrill church organ. Drop this at midnight and watch the carnage unfold and hands in the air.
Earth, Wind and Funk is the exposure to the elements you absolutely want. A more perfect slice of wax you couldn’t find and one that’s sure to find its way into the record boxes of those who know.

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