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Dusky - Imagine What EP

Dusky - Imagine What EP


Dusky are back with a new EP as we move towards the back end of summer. Following up on the massive release that was Life Signs Vol. 1 on Gerd Janson's Running Back Records, the duo now return to their own imprint, 17 Steps.

The 'Imagine What' EP is their first 17 Steps release since the Aset Forever EP at the end of 2018 and marks the 25th release on the label.

In their own words - "Imagine What is a personal journey through shimmering melodies, proto-rave vocals and shuffling drums, arriving at a deep, eyes-closed peak. L.I. takes classic electronica as it’s main inspiration, along with the deeper side of D&B. A chance experiment with an arpeggiator led to the main melody, while a solid wall of low frequencies and electro leaning beats propel the rest of the track. And Cedar uses sampled breakbeats combined with ambient soundscapes that touch on early Speedy J and Warp vibes.”

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