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Dundundun EP

Dundundun EP


Dundundun present their debut release on vinyl!

Whilst Dundundun are a new band, their respective members have spent the past decade touring the world and darkening studios with ​The Heavy​, ​Alice Russell​, ​Pete Josef​, ​DJ Die and ​Dele Sosimi​, bringing a rich heritage of sound straight out of Bristol’s thriving music scene.

Their debut EP features a 2021 re-imagination of the Sun Ra classic "Love In Outer Space", which comes with a dancefloor-ready remix from fellow Bristolian; Ishmael Ensemble. On the flip, Glaswegian selector and ​Worldwide FM resident ​Rebecca Vasmant channels fuzzy Afrobeats and floating ethereal frequencies on her superb retouch of ​‘Anansi’.

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