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Dr Rubberfunk My Life at 45 (Part 4)

Dr Rubberfunk My Life at 45 (Part 4)


Dr Rubberfunk might not be medically trained, but he does know a thing or two about treating your ears, as he returns with the fourth instalment of his popular 'My Life at 45' series.


Having established himself in funk, soul, blues and jazz circles with a ton of high calibre releases, the good doctor holds a reputation for quality productions, with a hands-on approach, both in front of, and behind the mixing desk, as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and producer.


A-side 'Boom!' features the vocals of the UK's leading blues & soul singer – John Turrell. Mr Turrell recounts the sorry tale of a man who has burned the candle at both ends, leaving him with just his recriminations and a great slab of wax on his hands. As always though, with JT, it's delivered with humour "I've got the Tuesday tears, got the Wednesday woes – my serotonin too low …"


On the flip 'Steppin' In' is a low slung beat fest that is guaranteed to make your head nod, as piano, guitar & Hammond ride a tight jazz funk groove.

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