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Don Glori - Dawn Calling

Don Glori - Dawn Calling

SKU: NP002

An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase. Don Glori, AKA Gordon Li, takes this concept and applies it to his name as well as his music. Deconstructing the sounds and elements of the music that he loves and recontextualising them into his own signature sound. Carefully considered compositions that facilitate heavy doses of improvisation, Don Glori's music reflects a deep fascination in jazz, house and Brazilian music. Tied together by his inimitable spirit and dedication to making it groove.'Dawn Calling' is Don Glori's first offering to the world, recorded live to tape over two sweltering summer days in February 2020, it captures Don Glori and his band at their best. They wear their influences proudly - touching on elements of jazz, brokenbeat, house and Brazilian music. The record traverses between melancholic, textural landscapes with spiritual jazz overtones through to enchanting group vocals and again metamorphosing into synth laden grooves built entirely around the rhythmcentric marriage of the bass and drums.

From Don Glori: "I was lucky enough to record this EP with some of my closest friends and oldest musical collaborators. I'm particularly proud of this body of work as I think it is the truest reflection of my influences and musical aesthetic that has been captured so far. The decision to record this straight to tape was surprising to those who knew the music but it was a necessary choice in order to capture the spirit and energy that we've developed and honed through the live show. From start to finish, Tim, Lachlan and Selene's contributions are both tasteful and impressive - giving each other enough space, taking risks and knowing exactly when to step out and when to step up. This intangible connection that is familiar to so many musicians only happens when everyone approaches the music with open ears and hearts. I can't thank them enough for giving me their time and talent!"

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