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After blessing a special intimate Utopia Records dance in a North London loft with his iconic romantic and deep Italian House sound, pioneer Carlo Troja aka Don Carlos returned to Milan and sent the music to launch Alex Bradley's new 'Utopia Club Tracks' dance music sub-label.

Title track Tuono or 'Thunder' sees Mr Carlos bringing the original Mediterranean and Latin dance sound onto a modern page. The inspiration is clear, the trademark percussion of Vincent Montana forged with the spaghetti baselines of legendary film-score writer Piero Umiliani together with Carlos's trademark paradise house sound that lets you imagine the 3 in harmony, in a studio together.

Working from the blueprint of early house releases of a single track with multiples mixes, the A2 sees mythic underground London DJ and label boss Bradley team up with legendary UK house producer Neil Tolliday and guitarist Ollie Marks for a Utopia Sound Project mix entitled 'Tears of Petrichore'.
More than just an edit, a whole new Balearic house take is formed using just the pads and chords from the original with new bass, percussions and Marks' Pink Floyd-esque guitar warbles on top for a blissed out journey into romance.
The 12" is rounded off by a Tribal fix by Carlos himself, big room moves that draw you in and keeps you there...dreaming of better days...
Finally, the re-rub strips it back and locks the groove.

Salute Don Carlos.

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