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DJs Pareja - The After EP

DJs Pareja - The After EP


The DJs Pareja have been flagging they’re a DJ duo in love long before the recent trend. ‘Pareja’ literally translates as ‘couple’, and that is just how Diego and Mariano do life; in tandem.

It may not seem so radical these days, but the Pareja’s have been unapologetically queer trailblazers in their hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina - throwing raves and putting out pop dance records for decades. It took us years to get these boys to come play for us in San Francisco, but when they finally did, minutes off the plane we were hugging and shedding a little tear in front of the Castro theatre sign.

I always knew that one day we would get them on the label, and this EP is a product of how far this new gay techno underground has come. So it is with great pleasure we present 4 tracks produced south of the Equator, mixed for the gods, with some signature vocals and some sounds we’ve never heard from these Argy boys sleeping in a Queen bed.

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