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DJ RASOUL - Return Of The Mad Funk EP

DJ RASOUL - Return Of The Mad Funk EP

SKU: CPT5781

Official release for DJ RASOUL’s sought-after house gem RETURN OF THE MAD FUNK EP from 1998 – since then only a few super rare test pressings were buzzing around. One of them reached Michael Reinboth and never left his record box again… The Return Of The Mad Funk EP is the work of California's DJ Rasoul, criminally underrated in the house community despite excellent projects on Large, 83 West, Strictly Rhythm, Leaf, Guidance, Uncut, Robsoul and others. Tastemakers like Benji Candelario, David Morales, Glenn Underground, Paul Johnson, Carl Craig, and Stacey Pullen were heavy supporters of this threetracker back in the days

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