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DJ Nature - Comforting Fantasies EP

DJ Nature - Comforting Fantasies EP


DJ Nature follows up 2018’s ‘Ultimate Delusion’ EP with another set of pure heaters for Futureboogie.

The Bristol born DJ and producer, also known to many as Nature Boy, comes with an exemplary track record, but that’s to be expected from one of the scene’s early pioneers. Releases for Golf Channel Recordings, Jazzy Sport and Ruff Disco Records are considered true classics, and rightly so!

Breezy MPC house jams of the highest quality, ‘Flutter’ manages to fuse David Lynch style pads and earthy vocals with a marching rhythm, whilst ‘A Moment’ gets cosmically charged with a spiralling modular lick over a chugging guitar hook and spacey chords.

NB’s Mix of Siliconada goes straight for the jugular, with looping disco rhythms and off kilter jazz licks, whilst the Original Version lays heavy and disorientating synth work down for a killer techno injection.

As always, DJ Nature delivers a unique and distinctive sound that is often imitated but never bettered!

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