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DJ Balaton - Blauer Montag

DJ Balaton - Blauer Montag


DJ Balaton ventures into exceptionally flowing, analog House music on his first EP “Blauer Montag”. The 12” vinyl starts with 127bpm and a repetitive motif on “C’est tout”, carried by different hi-hat variations. The hip hop beat-based anthem “Life So Sweet” moves to a smooth 90bpm accompanied by a rough bass. Next is the aptly titled “Tascam Dub” with 130bpm, in which a Tascam recorder and various tape sound effects were used to create scrambled melody layers, by means of forwarding and reversing the recorded sounds. The final “Untitled” track is for dancing without caring for titles, time and place.

The EP is like a perfect day off, playing truant Ferries Bueller-Style – “Blauer Montag” (literally meaning Blue Monday) referring to the craft worker tradition of taking Mondays off.

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