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DJ Aakmael Luv & Possibilities

Dj Aakmael - Luv & Possibilities


Stateside based DJ Aakmael has been making well defined rough and raw dancefloor grooves for some time and a joint collaboration between Flumo and ANMA sees him pushing out a floor filler laden twelve inch.
The A side includes two tracks that mix up heavyweight rhythms with classic drum machine sounds and patterns along with improvised key solos emanating from the deep bass notes that extend throughout, leading to high pitched keyboard magic.
The B side sees the beat go down a notch by focusing on a more laidback, sample heavy, groove. Layers of solos are matched well with short and punchy rhythms of the beat while fluid use of samples adds to the flow of the track.
Flumo and ANMA’s first joint release rounds up with a remix from NIAN, a new collaborative project by two producers closely related to both labels. The duo, centering on a more soulful aspect of the beat with focus on breaks, synthesiser enthused soundscapes and improvised key lines, end up the release with a perfectly contrasting reinterpretation of Aakmael’s preceding grooves.


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