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Diamond - You Like Jazz? EP

Diamond - You Like Jazz? EP


Salin Records warmly welcomes Diamond to the family, a very talented, young producer based in Oxford (UK), who found a place in our heart. When Diamond reached out to us with a raw demo of "Target Blue" we couldn’t get the melody out of our heads for days. The track instantly put a smile on our face and with Alex Wilson's sax lines it spreads an enormous energy which made us feel as if we were 20 again. Later Diamond came up with "Pen Burns The Paper" and "You Like Jazz?" which built an awesome fundament for an artist EP. There couldn't be a better title than "You Like Jazz? EP" as it reflects the personality of the producer - Diamond, who has a kind of obsession with Jazz but at the same time is not too serious about it. We also welcome our dear friend Tour-Maubourg to the label. His breakient mix of "Target Blue" is a brilliant example of where inspiration can lead you if you just let it go. His talent for creating emotions is outstanding. Daria Salin adapted the power of Diamonds music in her painting. We are happy and proud to serve you Salin008 "Diamond - You Like Jazz? EP", an EP that deserves a special place in your record shelf. Thank you for your support <3

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