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Definition - Lux EP

Definition - Lux EP


 Lux’ is what we use to measure the intensity of light as we perceive it, when it’s hitting or passing through a surface. The first track, that gives the EP its name, embodies exactly that - the fluctuating, ever-changing nature of light; from fragile and fleeting to overwhelming and powerful. ‘Lux’ kicks off with warm synths creeping in, like rays of sunlight breaking through the clouds. Dreamy crescendos take you for a ride and build up until they melt into a comforting blanket of piano chords, accompanied by a propelling hi-hat pattern that will make you want to move. The track is hopeful, the start of a journey, with compelling break downs, industrial rhythm elements and powerful build-ups such as the one to the final section, dominated entirely by its fusion between techno-beat and dance-feel. Next up is ‘Odyssee’. An unapologetic track that picks up the pace. Kicking off boldly with harmonic tension and enticing drum sounds, it’s hard not to surrender to the rich and fast-moving soundscape. Proud drums meet steel sounds and tentative piano figures, all glued together by the driving beat, determined to get to the next stop of this lifelong voyage. Striking accents, in the form of short-lived breaths or staccato bass lines take you through a labyrinth of growing gritty synths. A track that easily leads you through space and time and makes it feel like the most natural thing in the world. We’re greeted with standalone bright and sparkly synth movements as ‘Phoenix’ rises and wraps us in warmth. Gently, like raindrops, a rhythmic pattern starts dripping in. Definition, like in many of his other works, blends rhythmical sounds that couldn’t be more different into one, making them sound like they were never meant to exist unless next to

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