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Deborah Jordan I'll See You Again

Deborah Jordan I'll See You Again

SKU: FUT1202

We are starting 2021 with this incredibly beautiful and critically acclaimed track by Deborah Jordan, from her latest album ‘See In The Dark’ and this outstanding rework and extended edit by the songs original producer Marc Rapson. The extended edit is an exquisite journey through the original into an instrumental with stunning piano flourishes, magical strings and soaring vocals, continuing the journey of this unique and timeless track, which has been described as Deborah’s Magnum Opus. Rapson’s new Rework evokes memories of our most endeared hip-hop beat makers (Dilla, Q-Tip, Pete Rock) and takes us deep with masterful piano textures, resampled voices and the warmest bass you would have heard in years. The bonus track ‘Senses’, a standout from Deborah’s album, has also received the Rapson touch with a perfect hip-hop swing and ridiculous bass line which is exclusive to this vinyl release.

  • Expected Release Date

    February 19, 2021

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