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Dean Zepherin - Blue Moon / Flying High

Dean Zepherin - Blue Moon / Flying High

SKU: LT095

Dean Zepherin is born and raised in London - a suitably eclectic city for a man of his musical persuasion - he is renowned for his consistently genre-pushing productions. making him a perfect match for Local Talk - the label that embraces cross-genre pollination and multicultural ethos.

Opening track "Blue Moon" is an organic, funky, lavishly decorated slice of deep house / broken beat. A full realized set up instruments - live drums, keys, horns, guitars, the lot! is thrown at the mixing desk, resulting in a vibrant and highly engrossing cut.

Next up is "Flying High", also riding that broken beat syncopation, it's got a beefier low end than the previous track but other than that keeps up the live, musical elements, garnishing the track with lush horns, bright keys and plen-ty of perc

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