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DAVIE - Testify

DAVIE - Testify


In times of trouble and uncertainty music can provide relief for the soul, and DAVIE’s triumphant Defected debut ‘Testify’ does exactly that. A joyous introduction to the Brooklyn artist, this special 7” release demonstrates an ability to strike the balance between classic and contemporary sounds seamlessly. Steeped in music from a young age, DAVIE followed the path many soul greats did before him, joining the choir in a local church where his father was a pastor. Describing ‘Testify’ as “a dance song, not a gospel song”, the record remains inspired by his upbringing up in the church, radiating all the energy and atmosphere of worship in full flow. On the A-Side rich instrumentation provides the backdrop for DAVIE’s flawless vocals, along with a serious dose of funk, making this label debut nothing short of a future classic. The B-Side features the Accapella, an essential DJ tool.

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