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David AGRELLA - Transition EP

David AGRELLA - Transition EP

SKU: AGR 001

David Agrella has been active in the scene for a long time, but his releases have been scattered and sought out by those with their fingers truly on the pulse. Now though, he's minting his own Agrellomatica label with this accomplished EP, which leads in with the dynamic sci-fi swing of 'Transition'. The original mix has enough chops for the club, but the 'Floor mix' makes things crystal clear with a sizzling electro-mnml drive to propel the trippy synths forwards. 'Third Floor' takes things even more linear, locking on to a steady 4/4 and tweaking out some trance-tinted patterns for deep immersion. 'The Puppets Are Back' completes the set with a dreamy excursion through broken beat and minimal pastures for those who enjoy the likes of Binh and Nicolas Lutz.

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