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Dam Swindle Minor Fools EP

Dam Swindle Minor Fools EP

SKU: heist077

“Pumping, vibrant, and packed with energy”: Iconic duo Dam Swindle deliver once again with their ‘Minor fools’ EP.

Last year, Dam Swindle celebrated their 10 year anniversary with the ‘Keep on Swindling’ series. The hard-hitters ‘All I want’, ‘Good woman’, and ‘You’ showed various sides of that much loved Swindle sound as well as some steps into a more leftfield electronic area. Now, they’re back on Heist with a 3-track club EP full of that recognizable upbeat energy.

‘That’s Right’ has Dam Swindle in full live mode, not unlike their timeless classic “Call of the Wild feat. Jungle by Night”. Live keys, bass, percussion, and horns (the latter by the Jungle by Night’s trumpet guru Bo Floor) give you the feeling like you’re on stage with a full band, hearing them give their all to record this heartwarming piece of music. Over the course of its 7 minutes, the duo takes you on an electrifying feel-good trip through the Swindle sonic universe.

On The EP title track ‘Minor fools’, Dam Swindle go into classic US house mode. Shuffling hats, a bouncy bass and male vocal chops lay the foundation for some crunchy jazz chords (think Underground Resistance with a Swindle touch). The track builds tension with haunting organs, looped vocals and smart modulation in the keys. Add to that the bouncy synth section at the heart of the track and you’ve got a jam that slaps hard in the best way imaginable.

The EP ends with the dreamy & contemplative ‘Soul’s lament’; A slow burner that builds and builds on a relentless rhythm of bells and skipping hi-hats. Slowly, a massive string section takes control of the track, after which, an acid line takes over that gives the track its driving electronic touch. It’s a welcome deep note to an EP that shows you exactly why Dam Swindle are such well respected and versatile producers.

Grab this record while you can and dance, dance, dance!

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