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Culross Close Learning To Let Go

Culross Close Learning To Let Go


Esencia is beyond proud to share the fourth and final album by Culross Close. Like previous albums it’s both inward and outward facing, something for the individual and the group and ‘Learning To Let Go’ follows this tradition.

Becoming Present is a peaceful refrain, littered with percussion and devotion,encouraging the listener to sit with what is, while Reactive State taps into something else entirely. It’s a hard-hitting ride filled with percussion and decimated drums, woven into a serenading flute that captures the mind for the song’s duration.

The mood changes with Attachments. A tale of two halves, twisting between hypnotic and swirling. Surrender requires time and immersion, as the listener bears witness to an enthralling interaction between drums and keys,eventually drifting into the soul-inflected Grounding.

The magic in Letting Be unfolds naturally. From the majestic string and harp arrangements, to the metronome of the percussion, each musician finds equanimity, place and peace in the composition. Letting Go…well, that speaks for itself.

The album closes with Forward, Only. This is the sound of a group of musicians comfortable in their stride and confident in their thinking. Ready to move with whatever happens.

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