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Cosmonection - Talamanca EP

Cosmonection - Talamanca EP

SKU: PN014

Cosmonection is back in 2020 with Talamanca, a new 4-track EP as festive as it is melancholic. « I decided to work with a lot more organic materials to add more warmth to my sound » he says. « Carnaval » opens this new maxi, with catchy percussions supported by a progressive Rhodes lead. The EP’s eponymous title, « Talamanca » emphases his unconditional love for balearic house sounds, as aerial as they are groovy. « Bailar Contigo » appears as a track designed for piano house atmosphere, modernized by the specific Parisian producer’s touch. It is finally in collaboration with Tour-Maubourg that this EP closes with « La Selva », a deep-house ballad carried by vaporous layers and guitar riffs.

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