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Corbi - Memento

Corbi - Memento


FINA co-owner Corbi makes his long-awaited debut on the label with three tracks of his playful, inventive house sounds. He has made a notable impact in just a couple of years, with EPs and edgy, in demand edits on The Bricks, Music For Freaks and Morris Audio. 

Opener ‘Samurai’ continues in that rich vein, with seven sublime minutes of dreamy house. It’s awash with gorgeous chords and vocals, adding to the escapist effects of a truly lush track. The smooth ‘Access Serenity’ slows things down, with loose drum tumbles, summery and Balearic string sounds and exotic, tropical percussion that take you direct to the beach. Last of all, ‘Warp’ with J33 reworks a cult classic with driving, elastic drums and bass and the original’s deadpan vocal style. Add in curious whistles and the whole perfectly off-balance groove is sure to get big reactions.

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