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Conclave - “Perdón” THE LOUIE VEGA REMIXES

Conclave - “Perdón” THE LOUIE VEGA REMIXES

SKU: LIR-002

Taken from The Self-titled LP “CONCLAVE” due May 2021

“Perdón” is the second single from Conclave’s debut album, following October 2020’s “There’s Enough,” and it reinforces the original version with three explosive mixes conducted by house music legend Louie Vega. At the heart of “Perdón” is an intriguing lyrical refrain (“Que no me pides perdón,” or “Don’t ask me for forgiveness”) that evolves from an almost melancholy, wistful mood into a joyous affirmation, adding a second half to complete the phrase (“...porque no hay razón para pedir perdón”) that cleverly flips the meaning around to one of reconciliation and hope: “Don’t ask for forgiveness – because there is no need to ask for it anymore.” As the refrain, voiced by Conclave’s Cesar Toribio and his sister Sharin, expands in meaning and depth, it is matched by the music, that swells with interlocking guitar lines from Scott Scribner, and layers of Afro-Caribbean percussion courtesy Gabo Lugo. Toribio continues widening the sonic palette with layers of synth harmonies, taking the song out on a high with the trumpet of Aquiles Navarro joining the whole group in sending a message of forgiveness and hope radiating out like a prayer.

When Louie Vega first heard “Perdón,” he was struck by the vocal hook. “The lyrical content has meaning so I had to come with music (along with my crew) that had emotion.” That crew just happens to include Josh Milan, keyboard wizard and house veteran whose immortal productions as part of Blaze, Black Rascals and Phase II (not to mention other collabs with Louie’s Elements Of Life project) have made his name a guarantee of deep, quality grooves. Milan’s keys plus Louie and Nico Vega’s buttressing of the rhythm section with added drum elements make for a powerful new version of Conclave’s original. True to form, Louie also includes a thunderous Dub with a new bassline and a winding journey via keyboard courtesy of Milan. “It's all when you have a good song and catchy hook which makes it that much easier,” says Louie, “Big props to Conclave and Love Injection Records!"

  • Expected Release Date

    March 29, 2021

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