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Code 718 (Danny Tenaglia) - Equinox (Red / White Splatter Vinyl Repress)

Code 718 (Danny Tenaglia) - Equinox (Red / White Splatter Vinyl Repress)


Code 718 aka iconic NYC DJ Danny Tenaglia dropped this 'E2-E4' riffing classic back in the mists of 1992. Manuel Göttsching's original track would have been a staple of NYC clubs back then and would have featured in the warm up sets of jocks like Tenaglia who favoured the longer, deeper sets as well as on the play-lists of institutional night-spots such as the Loft and the Garage. The track's influence on a whole era of DJ's and producers that followed is immeasurable and across 3 sublime mixes Tenaglia distills the magic of the original into something totally NYC and club-friendly without losing any of the Göttsching magic, even managing to sprinkle a little Grace Jones in the mix with her fabulous 'I floated on a cloud' vocal sample liberally applied. 'Equinox' takes us on a trip that is emotive, uplifting and warm. This is how House music is meant to sound, respectfully steeped in what preceded it yet moving forward in a fresh direction. Another example of how on the money Strictly Rhythm were in their early days, classic after classic rolled out of the labels' offices and us, the record buying legions, were / are better off for it! This one's a tasty 2017 reissue and remaster, featuring all 3 mixes, unedited, as per the original release way back when. Do not sleep.

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