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Classic Label Sampler Volume VIII

Classic Label Sampler Volume VIII


Born from the friendship between Luke Solomon and Derrick Carter, Classic is above all else a family label. Creating a platform for artists to satisfy their artistic intentions with left-of-centre house creations, this release sees Classic return to its vinyl-only beginnings for Volume VIII of its 12” Label Sampler series. Kicking off the A-side, Classic co-founder Luke Solomon, Amy Douglas & Queen Rose deliver ‘Love. Hope. Happiness’, a joyous boogie-filled track destined to uplift listeners. Jansons’ ‘Less Ordinary’ follows featuring Liz Cass’ uniquely hypnotic vocal, with a devilishly deep bassline providing boundless dancefloor appeal. On the flip, Scotsman Austin Ato’s groove filled track ‘Heat’ opens, featuring choppy guitar riffs and a soulful vocal, this record radiates good energy. Wrapping up the sampler is Jaden Thompson’s ‘To The Light’ with warm synths and a gloriously deep bassline sure to captivate its listeners. This sampler is the perfect dose of Classic’s signature grooves that are always full of character, and with all tracks previously unavailable on 12” is not one to be missed.

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