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Chez de Milo - Bushwa EP (Inc. Smagghe & Cross Version)

Chez de Milo - Bushwa EP (Inc. Smagghe & Cross Version)


Bristol based DJ, club promoter and producer, Chez de Milo, readies his debut release, and
Futureboogie’s first release of 2021, with the ‘Bushwa’ EP. Smagghe & Cross (AKA Ivan Smagghe and Rupert Cross) join the party with an epic Version of the title track.

On ‘Bushwa’, warming CR-78 drums initiate a bubbling blend of groaning pads, melodic keys and gated vocals as Chez de Milo crafts a solemn yet addictive 5am moment. Smagghe & Cross stretch things out over ten minutes with their tantalising Version of ‘Bushwa’ that quite literally features a commercial break midway before motoring back up to chugging speed. Cosmically charged this most definitely is!

Elsewhere on this prolific debut release, ‘Mantella’ features a smorgasbord of spacey riffs, splashy drums and idiosyncratic vocals, whilst ‘Golden Ratio’ wraps things up with an esoteric piece of bleepy, ambient house that is designed to feed your mind as much as for your feet.

  • Expected Release Date

    February 12, 2021

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