Mister T. Records is the result of the merger of Technodrone Records (the label that produced Chevals’ first EP in July 2016) and the Parisian collective Partage ton Groove.
Being a huge fan of Mister Saturday Night, the label’s objective is to promote emerging artists that produce party-oriented tracks such as disco, afro and tropical edits. After a solid afro house EP by Leonard Lampion, they’ve decided to go further and to create their very first vinyl: who else but Chevals, the guy that started it all?
This EP contains 3 amazing disco edits aiming to represent the emotions coming from of electronic dance music. A side: MTT001 opens with a powerful disco banger. Made for smashing clubs and crowded dancefloors, “Everybody Dance” truly is a party anthem crafted for party’s peak time.
The first track on the B side starts with a refined and regular beat which gives an old electronic - rock-like - atmosphere to the track. After a tense break, “Sweet Dubnamite” sharply bursts into a cataclysm of funky synths. Finally, “Brown Baby” is the slower tune of the vinyl and gives room to soulful vocals and deep keys.




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