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CARLO - Take Your Time

CARLO - Take Your Time


Intriguing times out there! Much confusion, much uncertainty and a little bit too much of everything. Even music. And recording mediums. Greta probably wouldn't approve of cramming your little apartment with thousands of vinyl discs that will go to waste at some point. And honestly, does the world even need another record label? The answer is no. Except this brand new imprint right here is aiming to put things a bit into perspective. Bisiesto, meaning leapyear in Spanish will only issue its releases on every 29th of February. You know what that means - one release every four years. Less pollution, less redundancy, essential material that had its time to ripe, plus it's a fun idea, too. Bisiesto is run and curated by Carlo and will emphasize on the physical release on vinyl in limited editions of 366 pieces, hand numbered by the man himself. Bisiesto #1 is due with four jams by the label honcho that showcase his variety in an unprecedented manner. The laid back electro- and e-funk-induced groove of "Momo" opens that spectrum, maintaining Carlo's unmistakable feeling for soothing harmonies. "Casiopeia" brings in a bit more of his signature sound, building up a straightforward feelgood housetune on thick kickdrums, slapping hihats and energizing vocal cutouts. You can sum this bad boy up under: Carlo on top of his game. The following "Tengo" has been released previously, but appears here in a completely new mix, letting this bouncy, yet deephouse-tinged piece shine in a slightly different colour. Closing off is "Domingo" a rather percussive affair, bringing in some tribal grains, a funked up bassline and an irresistible breezy disco feel.

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