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Carista presents - Modern Intimacy Volume 1

Carista presents - Modern Intimacy Volume 1


Dutch DJ, music curator and NTS Radio resident Carista presents Modern Intimacy Volume 1, her first compilation album for United Identities shines a light on rising talents from The Netherlands. Captivating and forward-thinking, Modern Intimacy Volume 1 holds ten electronic-acoustic tracks that are drenched in soul, varying from dreamy songs to intimate treasures for dancefloors. Modern Intimacy Volume 1 kicks off with two moving soul hymns; Jelee's impressive digital 'Diaspora' and Quanza's acoustic, multi-instrumental 'A Death Supreme'. Sykes brings the broken drums with his infectious builder 'Take'. It is the perfect bridge to the five genre-defying house tracks on the compilation; the lush sounding 'Gloom' by United Identities long-stay Beraber, Laza's groover 'Revelations', Najel Monteiro's hazy 'Limbo' and Panda Lassow's chuggy 'Stability'. The label's versatile, yet harmonious musical approach becomes even broader with Mary Lake's intimate, jacking hitter 'Dribble', Alberta Balsam's futuristic 'Dig301', closing with Black Cadmium's pounding breaks in 'Break Up'. On her mission to connect like minded lovers of contemporary music, Carista started her United Identities label as well as her inclusive club nights a few years ago. Through her platform, she fell into many unfamiliar, surprising local artists. Today, she is beyond proud to offer a selection of the music that has crossed her path, and a taste of what's to come on the label.

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