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Camion Bazar Honeymoon 20

Camion Bazar Honeymoon 20


Camion Bazar started out as a nomad festival stage, partying and playing hybrid sets all over Europe. Over the years the project has grown, becoming a well-known DJ duo, throwing notoriously crazy parties and also founding their own label, Jaki Records.

Their debut EP, Honeymoon 20, plays like a trip, a nice, happy, smooth start to a strange year, getting progressively harder and darker. This release illustrates how they somehow got through it all.

Kicking things off, "Beow" is a moody deep and dynamic Chicago house style tune. Featuring deft melodic touches and killer bass, the track is densely layered with piano and synth phrases.

On flip side "Baby 100 coins" is an energetic deep house groove, made up of layers upon layers of pads, synths and rich melodies, a groovy warm-up weapon!

Closing out proceedings, "YLB" begins like a classic 2-step garage track before moving into hard-techno territory, the tune grabs you and pulls you up, higher and higher, until you lose control and escape reality. Chopped rhythm, huge kicks, crazy breaks. Just let go!

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