Everyone's favourite trans-national non-denominational dance imprint joins forces with the dark lords of CALYPSO - the ever prolific Mexican Inigo Vontier and his Argentinian cohort Thomass Jackson.

Few producers are hitting the nail on the head of the zeitgeist with quite as much impact as these two, and their label has crystallized their sound. Frequently play-listed by the likes of Red Axes, DJ Tennis, Chloé and more, Calypso have found a niche for their hard-hitting, voodoo-licious tracks.

Inigo drops fierce power-chug that will melt minds at peak-time moments at Mayan Warrior or MN Roy, Mr. Jackson turns in eminently playable mid-tempo grooves sure to fit in to the early and late hours in all kinds of sets.

Calypso Cult - Various Artists

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