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Bustin' Loose Iridescence EP

Bustin' Loose Iridescence EP


The Disco Express rolls into town once again with this four track EP of disco and house delights.

First stop, 'Sugar Rush', a buoyant, synth track tipping its hat to 90’s house identities. Featuring powerful diva vocals, rolling drums and a fun bouncing bass line, Sugar Rush is exactly what it says on the tin, a sudden rush of energy full of drive and sweetness.

Next up, 'Marble City' is a thumping house track packed with catchy guitars, grooving live bass and gorgeous synth hooks. Altogether they create a ready made, dance floor banger, full of urgency and enthusiasm.

On the B side, featuring the stunning vocals of Venessa Jackson and 'Special K' on guitar, 'Blue Diamond' is a concoction of disco, house and gospel; an original dance music experience, made with gusto.

Neatly tying together the Iridescence EP is 'Kobala'. A breakbeat number full of chilled percussive grooves, a jaw-dropping sub bass and spine tingling strings.

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