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Bosq Wake Up

Bosq Wake Up


Wake Up is an Afro-Disco bomb, building on Bosq & Kaleta’s deep catalog of dance floor weapons with their finest effort yet. 
It falls somewhere between late 70’s synth driven West African disco and Fela Kuti’s percussion and horn lead madness. 
Omo Iya leans more towards the funk influences of Kaleta’s home country of Benin & Bosq’s adopted home, Colombia. Mambue pairs Son Palenque’s Justo Valdez and his Afro Colombian folkloric stylings, voiced in Palenquero, with wind instrument master Evan Laflamme for a housey percussion heavy Afro- Latin Jazz cut. 
Instrumental piece El Carriquí draws inspiration from funk greats like Cymande & War and fuses them with rhythms and Marimba stylings typical of Colombia’s Pacific Coast region.

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