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Boots & Kats - Park Talk EP

Boots & Kats - Park Talk EP


Dynamic Dublin-duo Boots & Kats get given the keys to the House of Disco channelling an Italo Disco rave of interplanetary proportions for HOD028. Three pure peak-time pumping Italo warpers, complete with an exquisite Johannes Albert’s Party Talk remix to round off the package.
Fists in the air business in a far-away planet, one where synthesisers rule the lands using colossal kicks and huge snares to enhance the power of their all-encompassing arps that range from rapid fire bass to gargantuan top lines. Johannes Albert then throws in some party chatter and deft sampling to his reworking of ‘Party Talk’ completing this futuristic capsule of interstellar goodness.
It’s the best of that ‘80s Italo sound given a modern take that harnesses Boots & Kats’ unbridled Irish energy.

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