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Boot & Tax - Celeste

Boot & Tax - Celeste


Rollover Milano present their second record and the super chic party crew from Italy do not disappoint. Harnessing the vibe of their legendary nights the Celeste EP sees Boot & Tax take to the stage.
Two of the most popular and respected DJs/producers of the Italian electronic scene, most well known for their 2013 bomb the 'Acido Ep' on Optimo Trax, Boot & Tax continue to put their unwavering passion for analog synths and deep knowledge of Italo music to great use. Opening the EP 'Celeste' is a Carpenter-esque patient groover. Stripped back to an essential core, the rhythm and memorable bass line keep you locked throughout. Next up, "Tempo" keeps things stripped and powerful. Utilizing fewer elements in a maximized soundscape, delicious FX work and intricate detail really make this one shine.
For the last original work we have 'Vortice', a raw, crunchy number - freaked out melodics and fucked up beats. This is the track that keeps on growing and growing. On remix duty and closing out the EP, Brazilian outfit Fatnotronic deliver their re-interpretation of the title track ‘Celeste’, a steady paced remix that’s the equivalent of calling in the disco heavy artillery.

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