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Black Loops - Something Special EP

Black Loops - Something Special EP

SKU: FR256

Black Loops returns to Freerange for the follow up release to his 2018 EP entitled 7Hills, one of the labels biggest vinyl sellers of recent years and another reminder of why Riccardo Paffetti is one of the most consistent and prolific house producers on the scene. With recent releases on Madhouse, Toy Tonics, Neovinyl and Traxx Underground, as well as remixes for the likes of Waajeed (scheduled), Tender Games and Joey Negro, Black Loops continues to be in high demand and has resulted in a packed DJ schedule taking him from South Africa to Australia, from the US to Asia as well as playing regularly in Europe and his home city of Berlin.

For his Something Special release Black Loops has treated us to three original tracks (with a fourth added for the digital package) which will please his regular followers whilst showing us a development to his sound. His trademark shuffling beats, warm bouncing basslines and analogue pads are all present and correct. Tracks that feel deceptively simple and minimal enough to sound lovely on big sound systems, but which also offer enough depth and musicality to touch the soul and connect with on a deeper level. But… we can also hear some fresh sound design coming into play, punchy FM synths cutting through the mix, some more delicate melodies and rolling arrangements which unfold gently and draw you into their warm confines.

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