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Black Label Series 04

Black Label Series 04


For the first release of 2020 Banoffee Pies Records introduce "Black Label Series 04" while welcoming another selection of new artists to the fold with a collection of low slung moody tech house for mornings and dusted dance floors.
Opening the releaseBernard Horn's "Ticket 2 Tomar" flaunts a Britney Spears sample to kick the mood off with a drum heavy broken beat full of fluttering synths and spooked out shivers. The A2 comes from friend of the label, and producer of the minute,Alec Falconer, with his tribute track "Hiero". A misted journey along the shore line or across the water showing a short taster of the more sub heavy productions he's known for seen across the likes of Entity or other Garage aliases with a clean 4/4 night drive.

Following his outstanding contribution to Holding Hands Records at the end of 2019 in collaboration with Banoffee mainstay producer Gallegos, Baby Rollen kicks off the B side with an acid infused travel rhythm encompassing the Ecco and aquatic feel using sonar like underwater snippets in "Swimming With Dolphins". The last track comes from Tito Mazzetta and Isai with "Red Bali Tunnel" in true Black Label style. A moving house beat perfect for dusk or dawn creating some semblance of order to round off the dream like states delivered across the release. For slow moving and shaking.

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