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Bep Kororoti - The Amazon Naut

Bep Kororoti - The Amazon Naut


The amazon-naut is Bep Kororoti’s second album, the LP arrives at Modern Obscure Music after his mid-2020 release “Love is the way", an EP in collaboration with African singer Akin that aimed to be one of the hits of the summer when the first restrictions were announced during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Clubs and festivals from half of the planet had to cancel plans for the rest of the year. This second album inspired by the ancient space warrior who brought joy and new knowledge to this little community from the Amazon river is composed of clear ethnic influences, loaded with minimalist rhythms and fragments of film sequences. The LP goes hand in hand with the reinterpretation of the Brazilian Koyapos tribe myth by Marcio Matos, a visual artist in charge of giving face and image to the mesmerizing Portuguese label Principe Discos since its inception Artwork: Marcio Mato 

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