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Bella Technika - Substance Select Vol.2

Bella Technika - Substance Select Vol.2


Born out of the ashes of Darkwood Dub, one of the Balkans’ most revered alternative rock bands during the ‘90s/’00s, Bella Technika is the latest project of Bojan Drobac, the group’s guitarist and main songwriter. Joined by former bandmate bass player Milorad Risti? as well as opera singer Katarina Jovanovic, amongst others, Bojan has found a new direction with Bella Technika.

Bella Technika join forces with Super Weird Substance for Substance Select Vol.2, which features three remixes and an original production from the band’s debut ‘Section’ LP, released last year.

Continuing their prolific form, Greg Wilson and Ché Wilson provide the first remix, taking album opener ‘Reinvented Daily’ into psychedelic territory with vocoder and dub fx.

Lee Perry AKA Peza provides the second mix, a jacking, acid fuelled reimagining of ‘I Feel Light’ - alongside Sara Lucas’ primal vocal it evokes the halcyon days of house music.

Up next, Henry Greenwood provides a wonky, idiosyncratic version of ‘Heat Control’, with Katarina, Bojan and Milorad’s repetitive vocals floating over a steady chugging groove.

The EP finishes up with the original fully titled ‘Suddenly I Feel So Light’, exhibiting the live band / electronic fusion that established their reputation across Europe.

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