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Barnaby Bruce - This Time Around

Barnaby Bruce - This Time Around


The first release on new Tokyo and Hong Kong-based label Palms & Charms delivers a Balearic reflection on the paths of our lives through space and time. The title track sets a tropical scene, with a Riviera feel.


On side B, 'Feel the Wheel' is an instrumental rumination on the experience of work. The staccato sounds of Afro-Cuban bata punctuate a slice of understated synth-funk with an essence of boogie.

Max Essa (Jansen Jardin, Is It Balearic?) offers up two complimentary mixes of 'This Time Around'. The 'Heaven in the Afternoon Dub Mix' brings a sophisticated post-prandial-dub feel to proceedings. Sip on a rum and ice and gravitate towards the dance floor, seduced by the interplay between the guitar, agogo and the bassline.

Meanwhile the 'Euro Terrace Mix' takes things deeper – the stabs and subtle arpeggios driving your feet towards a better future. The night is young and the terrace is becoming busy.

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