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Barnaby Bruce

Barnaby BRUCE - Sweat On Velvet


The fourth release from Palms & Charms sees the return of label co-owner Barnaby Bruce; ruminating on the perils of fine fabric care. The percussive jazz-tinged boogie of Sweat on Velvet will take over your mind, unleashing a wave of dancefloor euphoria. Not to be outdone, Pete Herbert (Reverso 68), unveils his own masterful fabric care techniques, providing a remix that will starch your collar and shake out the creases. Not the same clothes, but something brand new.

Freshly attired, Barnaby begins to notice curious noises coming from the next room. He opens the door, and is confronted with a séance in full swing. But the unearthly howling of tortured spirits is quickly silenced by the devilish groove of Séance Fiction. As the ARP makes its entrance, every soul is up and dancing. Finally, Barnaby Bruce also provides the eminently useful Go Go Percussion Dub of Sweat on Velvet – rounding out a sartorially elegant EP with something for everyone, from sceptics to lost souls.

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