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Arnau Obiols & KAYYAK - Chang'an EP

Arnau Obiols & KAYYAK - Chang'an EP

SKU: CPT5761

Arnau Obiols and KAYYAK met just last year through their girlfriends who happen to be sisters. As one can imagine it did not take long until the two brothers-in-law sat in the studio together for the first time accompanied by Swiss bass player Jules Martinet and with vocals by South African Singer B'utiza as well as Mozambican vocalist Tcheco who is part of the legendary band Ghorwane (Real World Records). The energy during the production of these songs came to life and resulted in the two originals on this record. Folkloric tradition with modern programming, acoustic drums, percussion with acid, echo feedback and psychedelic sounds all infused by funky basslines.

In addition they invited Kalabrese and MLiR to do a remix. Both of them being artists close at heart for Arnau and Kay.

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