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Born and raised in New Jersey, Ardio Zemog delivers the goods for the next Obia Records release. Soulful harmonic percussion filled tracks with a whiff of Latin. Passed on from generation to generation people inherit their ancestral spirits and devotional practices to create vibrations that lift our souls. Ardio Zemog takes on the skin of Obiaman for a sonic trip through connected spirits both young and old. The main cut “Generations” takes the dancer and listener on a wholesome state of well-being. Soothing percussion rhythms with a solid signature bassline drives the listener into a never ending feeling of bliss, the youngest generation has spoken.

Followed by “Yeochu” a deeper more mature arrangement of drums characterizes the unseen spirit from the father figure. A message of analogue synth stabs and pads deliver a blessing followed by hypnotic piano riffs. Instructions and spiritual advice are given for those who are able to open up.

“Nights in Leblon” behold the oldest wisest spirit of them all. A breathtaking deep harmonic pad layered by countless drum percussion. The presence of ever evolving synth stabs and piano chords define the tracks rhythm and timbre.
To finish the EP Wendel Sield takes us on a completely different ancestral path. Flipping the script on “Nights in Leblon Acidic Rework” with a solid tb-303 acid line layered with tr-505 drums. The rework focuses on playful rhythm and minimal usage of elements. Surprisingly the record takes on a different harmony mid tune what makes the track ideal for DJs who like to switch it up during their sets.

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