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Anthony Nicholson - DirtyDiscoJazzFunk EP

Anthony Nicholson - DirtyDiscoJazzFunk EP


2020 was a huge year for Jitwam​’s ​The Jazz Diaries ​imprint. It saw them showcase a breadth of soulful futuristic styles, releasing incredible material from the likes of ​Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange, Horatio Luna​, Folamour, Kaidi Tatham ​and highlight innovative movements within the South Asian Diaspora with their mind-bending ​chalo ​compilation. Returning in strong form, the globe trotting imprint now announce their latest signing - legendary Chicago based producer ​Anthony Nicholson​.

Having released records since 1992 (under a plethora of aliases), Anthony’s discography is one of the most respected and sought after collections in dance music. His collaborators include ​Ron Trent​, ​Peven Everett​, ​Glenn Underground​, ​Mark De-Clive-Lowe, ​his catalogue even boasts a​ ​remix for L​arry Heard.

Once again taking on his given name, the ​‘​DIRTYDISCOJAZZFUNK EP’ ​sees Anthony channeling his ​undeniable talent for creating mind expanding, groove driven house music, alongside some truly impressive musicianship. Anthony explains: “​I try to create this music with the intentions of inspiring a solo-ist to deliver a honest performance when they’re playing on the track. The arrangement sets the tone. In the case of this track, it sounds relentlessly funky. ​Throughout the 12”, high energy, tape-saturated drums meet fusion licks and swirling Rhodes/Wurlitzer pianos, as synth stabs and a rock solid rhythm section steadily work the compositions in a heady dancefloor-moving frenzy.

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