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Andy Vaz - One For Choutsugai

Andy Vaz - One For Choutsugai


Clear Red Vinyl

With this three-cut EP, Andy Vaz pays tribute to Choutsugai, a Deep House DJ-and-promoter crew who booked him for many years of Tokyo gigs. Inspired by the unit’s love for “No Fairytale Luv feat. Detroit’s Eva Soul on Vocals.” Vaz decided to put it out as red transparent vinyl for VAZ-UP-001The two originals Tracks were created at Deutztroit Studios in Cologne, with vocals by Detroit’s Eva Soul on all three and “No Fairytale Luv” receiving a charged remix treatment from fellow Detroiter Niko Marks. The EP’s sound is classic Vaz, his own productions especially. The original “No Fairytale Luv"struts mightily, its pumping groove bolting from the gate with an acidy bass pulse, congas, and sparkling synths. With Soul draping her, yes, soulful musings over the energized groove, the gurgling floor-filler indelibly brands itself as Vaz’s craftsmanship. “U Got It Unlocked” is less urgent by comparison, this one more focused on a relaxed, funk-inflected swing given a subtle Latin feel with the addition of percussive accents. Soul again muses dreamily, though this time in a production that’s as much electronic reverie as club track. Of the three cuts, the EP’s primary house banger is undoubtedly Marks’s “No Fairytale Luv” makeover, which stomps even more forcefully. This one is a floorfiller by every means.

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