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Amy Dabbs Only breaks can love your heart

Amy Dabbs Only breaks can love your heart

SKU: heist076

Amy Dabbs might be one of the hardest working artists in the game right now. Making it in the current electronic music landscape is not an easy thing, which might be why this talented artist is so heavily invested in her musical output. With releases on Aus Music, Shall not Fade and her own Dabbs traxx, a monthly residency on Rinse FM and a tour schedule that seems to get busier by the minute, we’re happy to see her hard work is paying off. Add to that some support by artists such as Special Request, The Blessed Madonna, Jaguar and Cinthie and you know this Berlin-based artist is right where she belongs: in the spotlight.

With a love for all things high energy – including, but not limited to house music and breaks – Amy knows how to set fire to a dancefloor (or record for that matter). Her music has been described by Resident Advisor as “Elegant and soulful drum & bass, that’ll still catch the ears of house heads.” So here you go, house heads: Amy Dabbs on Heist. The ‘Only breaks can love your heart’ EP is packed with feelgood energy and comes with a Dam Swindle remix that has the duo laying down some pleasantly unexpected breakbeats on an altogether rush-inducing record.

Right from the start, you know you’ve got an anthem on your hands with ‘Everything alright’. The gorgeous vocals by Aika Mal give you that right amount of emotive, ravey energy and come wrapped in a package of solid breaks and mesmerizing chords. With a hint of acid and a couple of meticulously crafted breakdowns you’ll be singing along with this track before you know it.

The Dam Swindle remix drops the tempo a little bit, but with its 140 bpm, warm broken beat and UK bass, the duo delivers a curveball of a track with a lot of crossover appeal. They went for a more stripped back approach that combines introverted percussion with bouncy keys that complement the vocals perfectly for an altogether irresistible remix.

‘Crush’ is a signature Amy Dabbs tracks, with driving 909 percussion, female vocal chops, ethereal pads and classic strings. It’s a warmhearted affair laced with Amy’s feelgood DNA. On the flip you’ll find ‘Eleven eleven twenty two’; a classic deep house track with subtle hints of UKG in its sampling and bass. The pads and leads are moody and the skippy percussion gives this track the kind of energy you’d welcome when pulling an all-nighter.

Rounding off the EP, we’ve got the ep title track ‘Only breaks can love your heart’; another showcase of Amy’s knack to make house aficionados dance to drum and bass. There’s a certain contrast in pace – raging drums versus dreamy chords that makes you feel at ease listening to a fast-paced track like this. The vocals are equally hazy with a subtle 90’s and 00’s RnB feel. Bassface guaranteed on this one!

We’re extremely happy we get to call Amy our friend and proud to share her music through Heist. As always, play it loud and dance, dance, dance!

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