Originally released in 1981 on Streetwave and CBS, Alton Edwards' debut single "I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You)" is a boogie-era electrofunk classic blessed with Latin style horn stabs, super-sweet vocals and the heaviest, most squelchy synth bassline known to mankind (or womankind for that matter).

Here it gets the reissue treatment with Streetsounds' founder Morgan Khan's fine original vocal and instrumental mixes (tracks three and four) being joined by two new rubs by veteran British house producer Michael Gray. He wisely retains Edwards' killer bassline, baggy electric piano chords and razor-sharp horns, underpinning them with bustling peak-time house drums on all-action "Remix" and "Dub" variations.

Alton Edwards - I Just Wanna (Spend A Little Time With You)



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