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Alex Albrecht Aurora (Roza Terenzi Remix)

Alex Albrecht Aurora (Roza Terenzi Remix)

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Alex Albrecht returns with Aurora - a pristine followup to his Blue Caves transmission via Scissor and Thread in 2018. The Melbourne based composer and sound designer Albrecht has leans into his predilection for woozy, affecting melodies intertwined with skittering drums and snaking grooves, and Aurora brings that to the fore with six tracks of shimmering beauty. Spring Orchard opens the record, effortlessly merging deeply buried keys with washes of dreamlike synths, and dubby effects.
Wildflower Walk is a melancholic affair, underpinned with a restless groove. The title track Aurora treads a similar path, but with a more driving approach, while an interplay between piano, guitar, and synths drenched in reverb offer a warm, enveloping atmosphere. Aurora is also shared here as a remix by Roza Terenzi, who entirely reworks the track with her signature club ready grooves .
Kennett River exhibits a kind of smudged, cinematic hip hop feel.

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